Marine industry guidance just published in race towards low-sulfur fuel by 2020

In a bid to reduce emissions from shipping, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a target of January 2020 for the implementation of a new policy that limits the sulfur content of maritime fuel to 0.50 %. No mean feat when the current maximum is 3.50 % and high-sulfur fuel has been the norm for many years. International guidance to help has just been published.


ISO paints brighter future with guide for sustainability in standards development

ISO Guide 82, Guidelines for addressing sustainability in standards, provides advice to standards developers on how to take account of sustainability issues in the drafting or revision of ISO standards. It helps raise awareness of the challenges of sustainable development amongst standards writers and provides them with a systematic and consistent approach to identifying and assessing sustainability factors inherent in every standardization project. It also provides a way of reflecting those factors in the final text.





GOTS registers highest growth rate ever in 2019

7765 certified facilities worldwide, an increase of 35% with more than 3 million workers covered under GOTS in 2019.


Agency in African science for sustainability

On 24 to 27 February 2020, the 6th African Regional Forum on Sustainable Development took place in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Attended by around 50 researchers and policy-makers from across the African continent, the participants discussed key entry points for sustainability research in Africa.


What is sustainability

ISO/Guide 82:2014 Guidelines for addressing sustainability in standards defines sustainability. Sustainability encompasses three dimensions (economic, environmental and social) which are interdependent and can be mutually reinforcing.


Role for VSS on Sustainable Trade, APFSD pre-event in Thailand

As a pre-event to the 7th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD), to be held on 25-27 March 2020, this workshop will discuss the role of VSS in greening trade, thus advancing the transition towards more sustainable food systems, one of the six priority pathways of the Global Sustainable Development Report, and helping smallholder producers and micro and small businesses in the region make greater and sustainable economic gains from green trade.



2005年到2010年期间,在参与制定ISO 26000社会责任国际标准时,国际上一些动物保护组织总是反复提出一个请求,就是要将尊重动物福利写进社会责任标准定义中。



The MGG Academy 2020 takes place from 13 August 2020 – 9 December 2020. Applications are possible until 1 March 2020.